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  1. Theatre 2 MI

    Discover the most common financial mistakes many business owners make and what to do so you don’t make them. You’ll leave this session with easy to implement actions that can help you avoid mistakes, generate more profit, and build wealth.

  2. Theatre 3 MI

    A recent Google study found that only 21% of companies are able to fully measure Marketing's contribution to revenue. As the managing partner at Get Found First, Michael Johnson has worked with 1000 clients and helped drive over $1 Billion in revenue. During this seminar you’ll learn how implement profit-driven digital advertising strategies that transform your marketing department from a cost center to a profit center.

  3. Theatre 4 MI

    AWS Well-Architected Review is a FREE audit that Amazon Web Services delivers through certified
    Well-Architected partners in order to assist companies in building secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient
    infrastructure for their cloud-hosted applications and workloads.

    Built around six pillars—operational excellence, security, reliability,
    performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability—AWS Well-Architected provides a consistent
    approach for customers and partners to evaluate architectures and implement scalable designs.

  4. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    During her nine years at Google, Therese has worked across several industries and supported businesses of all sizes. These experiences have shaped her unique perspective on entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful in business. Her journey has helped shape her mindset around adapting to change, her leadership philosophy, and the importance of digital transformation as a democratizing factor for small business growth.
  5. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    In Business like Beckham, I will draw 7 parallels between the football career of David Beckham and being a business leader. The goal is to use imagery and a well-known, public figure to help attendees believe in their own greatness and mentally prepare for the highs and lows of success.
  6. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    Discuss how to approach, plan and strategize in developing your products. From the perspective of operating within a corporate setting to scaling a solution for widespread use.
  7. Theatre 4 MI
    As a small business owner, it can be challenging navigating a data driven world if you don’t have your own IT guru or team.  In this seminar, we will explore the basics of information security and gain an understanding of the types of attacks that are occurring.  Because knowledge is power, you will learn how to protect your data and your customers’ data to the best of your ability.
  8. Theatre 2 MI

    Join Eric Bonneman, The King of Search, in a seminar that promises to transform your brand's online visibility. Learn from a veteran with SEM success since 2006, as he shares strategies to propel your brand to industry leadership. Discover how to merge content creation, SEO, and PPC for maximum impact and sustainable growth. Gain practical knowledge, study real case results, and leave with the tools to turn clicks into conversions.

  9. Theatre 3 MI

    In the dynamic landscape of small businesses, the role of Human Resources (HR) has evolved from a traditional administrative function to a strategic partner that can drive significant gains for the organization. This seminar is designed to explore and emphasize the invaluable contributions HR can make to the success and growth of small businesses.

  10. Theatre 3 MI

    In the fast-paced world of small businesses, leveraging technology has become a game-changer for achieving cost savings, enhancing employee satisfaction, and saving time. This seminar is crafted to explore the strategic implementation of technology to not only streamline operations but also create a positive impact on the overall workplace experience.

  11. Theatre 3 MI

    Learn how to effectively navigate networking and events and how to convert those
    casual conversations into paying, long-term clients.

  12. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    The speech is based on my book “OUTFOCUS – Harness The Power Of Collaboration” published by ForbesBooks. I discuss two or three key points taken from each of the first four chapters highlighting what is occurring in the modern workplace where the hybrid workforce concept has taken root and changing the rules for good leadership. I then tie these points together from chapter 5 introducing the notion that in the future leadership must be able to hyper collaborate if they are to gain the competitive advantage and move an organization closer towards excellence – the ‘holy grail’ of performance.   
  13. Theatre 2 MI
    Cashflow is the livelihood of your business. One question you may find yourself asking is, how do you increase your positive cash flow and get your business where it needs to be? Whether you are focusing on growing your sales, decreasing expenses or expanding capital Mr. Meuse can provide insight on the simple steps to improve your cash flow.
  14. Theatre 2 MI

    As the world and business continues to change, the role of leadership needs to evolve as well. So often, leaders do not have the tools and
    resources to manage increasingly diverse teams that have different expectations of the leader and the company than generations past.

    Conscious leadership is focused on guiding others with full awareness of the self and cultivating growth in organizations by supporting the humans in them.

  15. Theatre 4 MI

    Software has always been good at repeatable tasks - all that has changed is the definition of repeatable.
    The cognitive ability of AI allows us to build products with logic that was never possible before.

    80% of the world’s data is unstructured (meaning not in a database).
    AI’s most exciting feature is its ability to work with unstructured data. Your customers produce it. Your employees produce it.
    We’ll be discussing how your business can use AI's most exciting feature: its ability to work with unstructured data.

  16. Theatre 3 MI
    An informative discussion on the advantages of building diverse information technology and cybersecurity teams, how to attract high performers and keep them engage.
  17. Theatre 3 MI

    Discover innovative pathways to business success and growth at our seminar on creative and alternative funding.
    Uncover strategies to empower your business without relying on traditional banks. Explore dynamic funding solutions that can catalyze the start or
    expansion of your ventures. Join us for insights into reshaping financial landscapes and securing a brighter future for your enterprise.

  18. Theatre 2 MI

    This session will cover the importance of business travel in small businesses, and why it remains a vital component of a comprehensive growth strategy.  We’ll look at some of the challenges faced by Small Midsize Enterprises as well as the latest trends and insights for business travel in the US, and some of the tools and programs that can help you build a strategic business travel program.

  19. Theatre 3 MI
    This panel will focus on the latest cyber security available to ensure that your business software is protected from external threats. Hear from industry experts on the topic and find out what they advise.
  20. Theatre 3 MI
    This seminar will explore some of the main levers and trends that make Emerging Markets attractive for US businesses with global growth ambitions – and how to take advantage of them. It will provide insight into some of the key factors when exploring opportunities across EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Those will include legal and compliance matters, tax, incorporation processes, HR issues, labor/talent acquisition etc., drilling down into each of these topics.
  21. Theatre 4 MI
    What if you could improve your retention rate by 34%? What if you could increase engagement rates by 15%? What if you could be a more attractive employer by 60% without having to offer regular pay raises? What if you could achieve these benefits, all while benefiting from employees who were more skilled - and upskilled - in their jobs? Providing professional development opportunities is the key.
  22. B2B Theater 5
    This panel will focus on the latest cyber security available to ensure that your business software is protected from external threats. Hear from industry experts on the topic and find out what they advise.
  23. Theatre 3 MI

    Adam Tabari, a journey to success.
    Lessons learned.

  24. Theatre 4 MI

    In this enlightening seminar, Frank Royal will delve into the delicate equilibrium
    between AI and human involvement for effective customer service. He will explore strategies to
    harmonize automation with personal touch, ensuring seamless interactions. The key lies in leveraging AI’s efficiency
    while nurturing human empathy—a blend that propels customer satisfaction and organizational success. 

  25. Theatre 2 MI

    Cyber Security in Today’s Business Technology Climate, Cyber Risk Insurance Requirements, Penetration & Vulnerability Assessments.

  26. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI

    Join us for an insightful seminar on modernizing payments for small businesses. Discover the latest payment technologies, trends, and best practices tailored to small business needs. Learn how to streamline transactions, enhance customer experience, and optimize financial management. Gain valuable insights into digital invoicing, contactless payments, and secure online transactions. Elevate your business's payment capabilities and stay ahead in the evolving digital economy.

  27. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    Join Quentin West in an enlightening seminar as he unveils the blueprint for Building a Real Estate Empire using Cashflow from AirBNB. Learn the secrets of leveraging short-term gains into long-term investments, strategic financing tactics, and the art of portfolio expansion. Discover how Quentin turned AirBNB profits into a thriving real estate empire and gain insights to elevate your own investment journey. Don't miss this transformative event for aspiring real estate entrepreneurs
  28. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    No more trade-offs between profitability and sustainability–AI and Advanced Tech are smashing that notion, allowing Commerce Leaders to make choices that rock for Profit, People, and Planet. Come learn how the most epic tech shift in history will arm Retailers, Brands and Platforms to amp up efficiency, cut waste, and light up a path to creating shared value for business and society.
  29. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    Embark on a transformative journey with Erin Hansen in an enlightening seminar, delving into the spiritual side of work-life balance for entrepreneurs. Discover practical methods to elevate both personal and professional realms. Join us for a balanced approach to achieve harmony in life and work.
  30. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI

    Discover key methodologies and best practices to steer your organization through successful digital transformation, including tips for identifying the right tech partners / tools and how to communicate their importance to key stakeholders.

  31. Theatre 3 MI

    Explore the power of media coverage and uncover how it can revolutionize your brand.
    Learn the three dynamic strategies to turn publicity into profit. Join us to learn about the strategies that have
    assisted many of our contributors in securing thousands of dollars worth of deals only days after being featured in Brainz Magazine.
    Get ready to supercharge your brand’s visibility, credibility, and revenue.

  32. Theatre 4 MI

    Unlock the secrets behind business success with an engaging exploration of the pivotal role HR plays. Join us for a 30-minute journey into the art of building a solid HR foundation and implementing winning strategies that propel businesses to new heights. Discover how a dynamic and well-crafted HR approach can be the key to unleashing the full potential of your team and driving sustained success.

  33. Theatre 4 MI
    Join Michael Minitelli from Benetrends in 'Funding Unlocked: Your Guide to Fueling Business Growth' for an insightful dive into small business funding. Explore comprehensive funding strategies including ROBS, SBA loans, and the Quickstart program. This presentation will guide you through the essentials of securing capital, offering key insights into each option to empower your business journey. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your funding potential!
  34. Theatre 2 MI
    A brief introduction to the areas of intellectual property law that affect businesses.
  35. Theatre 2 MI
    Discover the formula for success at "Impact = Profit." This interactive workshop-style presentation brings cutting-edge business practices to life, offering a dynamic and memorable learning experience. Learn how to immediately implement these strategies and turn insights into tangible results. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your impact and profits in a practical and engaging session.
  36. Theatre 2 MI

    Are you a self-employed business owner that experienced the negative effects of COVID-19? Are you a parent? Allow us to introduce our state-of-the-art technology that can assist you in securing up to $32,220 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This opportunity is entirely risk-free with no initial costs required! Don't let your financial situation control you any longer - take charge of your money matters today.

  37. Theatre 2 MI

    Are you a self-employed business owner that experienced the negative effects of COVID-19? Are you a parent? Allow us to introduce our state-of-the-art technology that can assist you in securing up to $32,220 from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This opportunity is entirely risk-free with no initial costs required! Don't let your financial situation control you any longer - take charge of your money matters today.

  38. Theatre 2 MI

    We’ll address SMEs’ vulnerability to cyber threats, focusing on their lucrative data. With 61% of SMEs hit by cyberattacks and breaches costing an average of USD 4.45 million, we emphasize the need for robust risk management, incident response planning, and technology use. This seminar aims to prepare participants for inevitable data incidents and equip them with strategies for effective risk management in an increasingly digital world.

  39. Theatre 4 MI

     AI security is no longer a choice, it's a necessity! Join us to crack the code on fortifying generative AI, ensuring your business leads the pack.

  40. Theatre 4 MI

    Cut through the hype and embark on a riveting journey into the unfolding AI revolution with Ben Smith, CEO at Kaizen Software. Learn about strategies to thrive in this transformative new era. Discover how to harness AI's potential for innovation, drawing lessons from historical tech upheavals. This engaging talk is for business owners aiming to adapt and flourish in this exciting new age as AI changes the definition of what’s possible.

  41. Theatre 3 MI

    Cyber threats are a growing concern, yet many businesses struggle to effectively prepare for cyber attacks. As a result, when an attack on their network is successful, they often fumble the response efforts and struggle to recover. This session will dive into how businesses can prepare ahead of time and develop the response capabilities necessary to effectively respond when a data breach inevitably happens.

  42. Theatre 3 MI
    Have you ever felt tense before a sales call? That’s because you feel like you have to be fake, forced, or lie even to convince someone to buy whatever it is your selling. Wouldn’t it be better if you had genuine faith that what you have to offer, is enough? I teach people to be their true selves in their content so they can attract organic, authentic business relationships.
  43. Theatre 2 MI
    Every business should have a business-to-business/business-to-government strategy, simply put doing business with institutions. Doing business with institutions is the fastest way to grow and scale. Learn how to sell to any institution, whether local/state government, corporations, higher education institutions and even the federal government in just 90 days!
  44. Theatre 4 MI

    Talk will give brief overview of how money works. Will cover concepts regarding compounding, retirement supplements, and how to leverage time and money.

  45. Theatre 3 MI
    Creativity Unleashed: Stuck on a writer's block? Need a fresh design concept? Generative AI can be your brainstorming buddy, generating ideas, writing different text formats, and even creating visual content. It can help you explore uncharted creative territories and overcome limitations.
  46. Theatre 4 MI

    Our VP of Product & Solutions Marketing, Michael Letschin, will peel back layers of the data landscape of companies,
    examining how today's trends in customer analysis may be just the tip of the iceberg for what is possible.

  47. Theatre 2 MI
    The session contains practical advice for business owners who are looking for ways to perfect their day-to-day customer-facing operations and create a flawless customer experience that will lead to their business growth. You will also discover how a CRM solution can help you in the journey and win more customers.
  48. Theatre 4 MI

    More than a buzzword, you can utilize AI for your everyday startup and small business operations.  
    This seminar will walk through some of the common tools that you can use right now with your team to scale and grow your operations and business.

  49. Theatre 2 MI

    Unlock the power of your business data! Join our seminar tailored for small business owners to learn how
    easy and efficient bookkeeping and tax management can be with Balance's technology-driven approach.
    Discover invaluable insights in your finances and gain the tools to access and utilize your data effectively.
    Revolutionize your financial processes and elevate your business success.

    Don't miss this opportunity to optimize and empower your small business journey!

  50. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    PR is not a luxury but a necessity .From the stage  when your company does not even have proof of co ...
  51. Theatre 4 MI

    Maximize your understanding of the Employee Retention Tax Credit program and
    take advantage of the ERTC refundable tax credits for your business or nonprofit.

  52. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    There’s an Old African proverb, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go togethe ...
  53. Theatre 2 MI

    Do you consider yourself a business or a brand? If not the latter, it’s time to switch your thinking.
    Your product or service is no longer the answer to your growth. In a noisy world full of forward-thinking entrepreneurs,
    fast-growing competition, viral trends, and overly saturated markets, consumers have adapted their buying habits considerably. 

    This seminar reveals the secrets to building an unstoppable brand.

  54. Theatre 3 MI
    Join us for Roping in Results The CX Showdown a riveting seminar blending the spirit of the Old West with modern
    customer experience strategies. Dive into the art of understanding your market, leveraging cutting-edge CX tools, and
    building lasting customer relationships. Discover how responsiveness and consistency are key to standing out in the 2024
    business frontier. Perfect for any businesses looking to lasso success in the competitive marketplace!
  55. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    In this high-octane session, Coach Kav will reveal his battle-tested strategy for crushing the competition and cementing unbreakable brand loyalty. As a 5-time Olympic coach, he's helped countless brands break out from the pack. Every business has one of these 3 problems: Attention (low traffic), Attraction (low conversion), and Accessibility (low experience).
  56. Theatre 3 MI

    The Microsoft Sustainability Manager is now crucially important for companies of all sizes as it helps them align with environmental goals, stay compliant with regulations, improve operational efficiency, meet stakeholder expectations, mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage, manage supply chain sustainability, and make informed, data-driven decisions.

  57. Theatre 4 MI

    Unleash your ambitious vision! This seminar explores how Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) empowers small businesses like yours to break growth barriers. From streamlining operations to unlocking data insights, discover how this powerful tool can fuel your success and transform those big dreams into soaring reality. Learn from examples, expert tips, and practical strategies to build your growth engine with ERP.

  58. Theatre 4 MI
    Lower rates on credit cards, personal loans, home loans, home equity loans, certificates of deposit, and higher interest paid on savings. 
  59. B2B Theater 5

    Hey C-suite exec! Ever wondered what's missing from your skillset? Have you explored your brilliance beyond the typical abilities needed to run a successful enterprise? Do you worry that what got you to this point may not be enough to take you further? We reveal the game-changing elements to ignite your journey toward unparalleled results. You have untapped potential, and It's time to take your influence, impact and profitability to record levels. Equip yourself with wisdom and tools that will transform your life, career, and business.

  60. B2B Theater 5
    Seminar is designed to explore the dynamic intersection of technology and human-centric approaches in fostering employee engagement in modern workplaces. The seminar will delve into the importance of maintaining a human touch in employee relations, emphasizing empathetic leadership, personalized communication, and authentic engagement practices. The seminar aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a balanced and effective employee engagement strategy.
  61. B2B Theater 6
    In 2024, B2B marketers face unique challenges and are increasingly turning to their B2C counterparts for inspiration. In this session, we'll explore what B2B marketers can learn from B2C marketing programs, from personalization techniques and data hygiene to the underlying mechanisms that impact both business types. On the flip side, we'll discuss obstacles that B2B marketers face, like third-party filters and subscriber sourcing and how marketers can tackle these challenges.
  62. B2B Theater 5
    In this seminar, we are going to discuss what trademarks are, why trademarks are important, what a comprehensive search is (and why that's important), and properly filing a trademark.
  63. B2B Theater 5
    Explore the pivotal role of crafting bespoke software solutions, honing AI models, and owning intellectual property in delivering personalised experiences for both internal and external clientele. Uncover the significance of tailoring technology to meet unique needs, emphasising the symbiosis between custom solutions and optimised AI models. Join us for a brief yet insightful talk on the imperative of steering your product/IP strategy towards innovation and tailored excellence in the dynamic landscape of technology-driven customer interactions.
  64. B2B Theater 6
    Join Domonique Worship, Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor, as she unveils the secret to achieving exceptional alignment and igniting peak performance in your business. Uncover a proprietary framework crafted to reveal deep fulfillment, alignment, and purpose in your life and career, amplifying your impact and unlocking the extraordinary within yourself, your team, and your business. Gain practical steps to implement the framework, fostering personal and professional success.
  65. B2B Theater 6
    Franchising your business is the most dynamic method of expanding. This seminar will help business owners gain a thorough understanding of what is involved in terms of resources, costs, and personnel. Discussions will include measuring the advantages and disadvantages of alternative strategies versus the advantage of franchising.
  66. B2B Theater 6
    Running a business is hard enough, so why make it harder by complicating your customer acquisition. Bottom line if you can't sell you can't grow. If you can't teach others to sell, you can't scale. I will show you how our most elite clients, which include Global 500 and Fortune 500 companies, grow and scale at record levels.
  67. B2B Theater 6
    Learn how to use AI tools to help create text-based content at scale, that can help you rank in Google's search results.
  68. B2B Theater 5
    Learn why SaaSpreneurship is the hottest and fastest path to profit without the risks of buying a franchise or starting an expensive business from scratch. Discover the compelling alternative providing entrepreneurs with a proven and lucrative path to success. See how recurring income makes a SaaS business THE low-risk yet highly rewarding business to launch to accelerate your journey to profitability as a SaaSpreneur - all while impacting your local community.
  69. B2B Theater 6
    It's incredibly hard to be a modern B2B marketer right now. Digital marketing, endless to-do lists, and relentless requests for more leads. But in a time of economic uncertainty, it's critical for your marketing efforts to drive revenue. This high-energy session will focus on how to prove and accelerate marketing ROI as a bonus, you'll hear the leading B2B strategies for brand building & lead generation.
  70. B2B Theater 5
    Learn why SaaSpreneurship is the hottest and fastest path to profit without the risks of buying a franchise or starting an expensive business from scratch. Discover the compelling alternative providing entrepreneurs with a proven and lucrative path to success. See how recurring income makes a SaaS business THE low-risk yet highly rewarding business to launch to accelerate your journey to profitability as a SaaSpreneur - all while impacting your local community.
  71. B2B Theater 5
    This persuasive message encourages sales professionals to reshape the working relationship with operations by embracing personal responsibility. Highlighting the detrimental impact of blame in fostering poor collaboration, this presentation urges salespersons to transcend perceived role hierarchies. By redirecting energy wasted on blame towards constructive cooperation, the aim is to foster a culture where collective success takes precedence over individual roles, ultimately breaking down silos for improved teamwork.
  72. B2B Theater 5
    In this seminar, expect to discover more about your brand, learn how to design engaging videos that spark action, identify where to deploy your video to capture the most leads, and more. Digital Brew is a 20x Emmy Award winning marketing agency in Orlando specializing in video production, animation, explainer videos and visual storytelling.
  73. B2B Theater 6
    Dive into the wealth-boosting realm of franchising with my talk! Learn how franchising your business isn't just a growth strategy it's a pathway to exponential business and personal wealth. Join me for key insights and success stories that will reshape your perspective on business expansion. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your entrepreneurial journey to new heights!
  74. B2B Theater 5
    Discover how business professionals are turning their experience and knowledge into compelling, and even bestselling, books. Learn how the modern democratization of publishing empowers anyone to become an author, how books serve as strategic marketing tools, and the benefits and limitations of leveraging ghostwriters and AI to help transform a concept into a publishable book.
  75. B2B Theater 5
    Discover the essentials of the latest White House cybersecurity requirements for small businesses. Learn to protect your data and stay compliant in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
  76. B2B Theater 6
    Discover the future of business efficiency at '100x Productivity with AI Automation & Multi-Agent Systems.' This seminar offers a deep dive into cutting-edge AI tools that revolutionize operations, streamline processes, and multiply output for medium-sized B2B enterprises. Embrace the AI revolution and propel your company into a new era of productivity!
  77. B2B Theater 5
    B2B customers now expect the same experience as they do when shopping for clothes or home goods. That's why this is the year to amplify your CX or risk losing business. In this session, we will look at what is driving rising B2B expectations, how to meet customers with impactful interactions, and which current B2C CX trends could be in line for B2B moving forward.
  78. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    Having a strong professional business and/or a personal brand and a well-thought-out story that can ...
  79. Keynote/Theatre 1 MI
    Join for a fireside Q&A session with Selling Sunset's Maya Vander. Hear how she built her real estat ...
  80. B2B Theater 6
    The Microsoft Sustainability Manager is now crucially important for companies of all sizes as it helps them align with environmental goals,
    stay compliant with regulations, improve operational efficiency, meet stakeholder expectations, mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage,
    manage supply chain sustainability, and make informed, data-driven decisions.
  81. B2B Theater 5
    Join us for a dynamic discussion on how women in government contracting (GOVCON) are breaking barriers and paving the way for a brighter future.
    Learn about the challenges women face in this industry and how they overcome them to achieve success and empowerment.
  82. Theatre 3 MI
    Brand strategy can either multiply or limit your growth. As a Google Premier Partner, we've seen first-hand how brand strategy, whether applied or absent, can affect results. Understanding your market, position, audience, and messaging is only half the battle. Applying and testing intel for higher efficacy, efficiency, and opportunity is the route to faster, sustained growth. Learn our proven process to define and apply Brand Strategy while avoiding BS.

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