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Putting AI to work in Business Automation

March 06, 2024
Theatre 4 MI

Our goal is to host an interactive discussion around the hot topic of AI.

We always start our sessions with 5-10 minutes of Q&A. We have found the energy is higher in the beginning,
draws in the crowd, and gives us context to shape the talk. 

Then, we’ll dive into some real-world use cases where AI has been driving corporate innovation. Whether dynamic copywriting,
compliance auditing, data extraction, or decision logic, we plan to show you all the tasks that GPT makes simple and how to embed them in your workflow.  

The coolest feature of the GPT API is its ability to take actions in the world. With “function calling”, these agents can know
what it’s being asked and make that happy. The chat interface is coming to all the apps you love and we’ll show you how to implement them in yours. 

It’s a vibrant new wave and it's going to move faster than any technology that we’ve seen in the past. Let’s get ready together!

Chris Johnston, Director of Product - The SilverLogic

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