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Sai Kishore Irrinki

Sai Kishore Irrinki

Founder, MindPort Technologies LLC
United States
An accomplished senior executive, Sai Kishore Irrinki is the founder of MindPort Technologies, a company that has been dedicated to helping businesses thrive since 2022. Prior to MindPort, Sai held an 18-year-long successful career in product and program management, bringing a strong understanding of financial implications and a proven track record in delivering results.

Sai launched MindPort with a commitment to giving SMBs access to industry-leading practices, and despite beginning without co-founders, successfully transformed it into a net-profit company. A strategic thinker who believes in the values of integrity, growth, and ownership, Sai takes a partner and employee-first approach to lead pre-sales and delivery at MindPort. Their goal is to make MindPort a global leader in the IT industry, developing innovative solutions, and fostering an environment that values and respects its employees.

With Sai at the helm, the future of MindPort looks promising as it continues to focus on making a positive impact in the world of technology.

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