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Michael Walker

Michael Walker

Co-Founder & CEO, The AI Agency
United States

Michael Walker is the Founder and CEO of The AI Agency, a business growth firm and marketing consultancy helping businesses of all sizes adopt AI to increase productivity for rapid growth across all sectors. Michael has worked with some of the fastest-growing start-ups and leading tech enterprises such as ZipRecruiter, Ledger, Dollar Shave Club, and more. Michael is an award-winning CMO and performance marketing coach.

Join me in B2B Theatre 5 to discover the future of business efficiency in my seminar '100x Productivity with AI Automation & Multi-Agent Systems'. This seminar offers a deep dive into cutting-edge AI tools that revolutionize operations, streamline processes, and multiply output for medium-sized B2B enterprises. Embrace the AI revolution and propel your company into a new era of productivity!


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