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Angela (Angel) Foglia

Angela (Angel) Foglia

Founder and CEO, secure-transmit

Angela (Angel) Foglia is an accomplished technology executive with over 20 years of experience in leadership and growing new IT business models.  In her current role as a Divisional CIO for one of the business units in Howmet Aerospace, she leads a team  of IT employees that enables digital transformation, as well as developing an environment which meets the expanding cybersecurity requirements in a data driven world. 

A key position that fostered her entrepreneurial spirit was serving as the IT Director for the Research and Development Centre.  There she met her business partner.  They identified a market gap and launched their own business, secure-transmit, which enables ad hoc secure file transfers.  

Angel received the 2020 CIO Rising Star of the Year award from the Pittsburgh Technology Council.  Angel received Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh and continues to live in Pittsburgh with her family.


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