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Driving Change Through People

March 07, 2024
Theatre 3 MI

"Does our vision match our culture" or “Why are my employees not engaged”

Steven Thompson works with corporations and government agencies to deliver their diversity mandates. His 30+ years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Acquisitions has led him to impact gender equality and contributed to thousands of candidate placements with over 85% retention.

In this session, Steven will masterfully weave personal and professional stories together to share the principles that underpin diversity as it relates to broadening an organization’s ability to build strong teams through different viewpoints, cultural experiences, and esprit de corps. He will also go through his unique four-point approach, which he developed using key insights gathered from decades of work across multiple sectors. Spotlighting untapped highly skilled talent pools. Providing a practical framework to assessing your information technology and cybersecurity work and building on your current efforts in a meaningful way. It helps answer the question and offers some key considerations that many company’s initiatives would benefit from. You are sure to see diversity from a very new perspective that will leave you with new ideas.

Steven Thompson, Founder and CEO - BRIDGECOR

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