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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Solution Architect & Cloud Trainer, TechSnobs

Mark is an enthusiastic, customer-facing Google Cloud Evangelist, Engineer, and Authorized Trainer. As an expert problem solver, he uses Google Cloud technologies and best practices to support Enterprise organizations.

Mark worked as the product manager and Google Solutions Architect for over 50,000 Google Cloud users that had to be migrated, created, and managed. He provided technical support and architecture for the Mobile Device Management platform settings across 75,000 State of Maryland mobile devices on Google Cloud G Suite.

Mark releases general information videos and technical video training on YouTube and conducts live training and learning workshops for Enterprise clients and college students on how to use prebuilt Google Cloud API's and how to use GCP Machine learning tools. Also an entrepreneur, he is the principal owner TechSnobs.

Mark is a technology enthusiast with a tremendous interest in learning.


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