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Ahead of the Breach: Proactive Measures for Cyber Resilience

March 07, 2024
Theatre 3 MI

Businesses spend billions of dollars each year protecting against cyber attacks, but investments often focus on technology-based defenses. In cybersecurity, strong network defenses are important, but human and organizational factors are just as critical. This talk will delve into the essential strategies and practices necessary for businesses to not only protect themselves from cyber threats but also to adeptly prepare for the eventuality of a successful cyber attack. This session is designed to guide businesses through the complexities of cyber incident response and crisis management, particularly emphasizing the need for readiness beyond mere defense.

The presentation will begin by addressing the harsh reality that no cyber defense is impregnable. We will explore the critical need for businesses to have robust response mechanisms in place for the scenario where defenses fail and hackers successfully penetrate their network. This segment will highlight the importance of viewing cybersecurity not just as a barrier but as a comprehensive strategy that includes response planning.

The rest of the session will guide participants through the initial steps of preparing their businesses for a potential cyber incident. Specifically, we will examine the essential elements of a crisis management capability, including: the creation of a dedicated crisis management team, developing response protocols and recovery steps, the importance of leadership during a crisis, and training necessary to guarantee a crisis team’s readiness.

This seminar will equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of how to prepare for, respond to, and manage cyber incidents effectively, thus enhancing their organization's overall cyber resilience.

Jean-Pascal Deillon, Founder & CEO - Pascal Cyber Solutions

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