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Quentin West

Quentin West

Owner/President, The Cozy Cosmo, LLC

Quentin West, renowned as the "Airbnb Millionaire," stands as the President of The Cozy Cosmo LLC, a testament to his prowess as a Short Term Rental Professional, real estate investor, and business coach. Originating from a college dropout background, Quentin defied norms, swiftly ascending to six figures in his debut year as a real estate agent. Bolstered by this achievement, he strategically funneled every dollar into real estate investing, resulting in a remarkable journey where, within the past three years, he has cultivated an expansive portfolio generating an impressive $100,000 monthly in passive income for his family.

Quentin's entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond personal success; he passionately mentors others, guiding them to elevate their lives, businesses, and financial landscapes. With a commitment to sharing the blueprint of his triumphs, Quentin West is a beacon of inspiration, empowering individuals to replicate the extraordinary success he has carved in his own life.


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