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Yvonne D. Rivera

Yvonne D. Rivera

CEO, CyberMyte
United States

Yvonne Rivera's journey from overcoming early adversity to becoming the co-founder and CEO of CyberMyte is a narrative of resilience and vision.
Escaping a troubled childhood, she defied odds by diving into the world of technology without initial resources. Yvonne's grit was further
exemplified during her service in the U.S. Army, earning her the Meritorious Service Medal.

Yvonne garnered extensive cybersecurity insights through pivotal roles in various government agencies. In 2018, she co-founded CyberMyte,
steering it towards groundbreaking achievements in cybersecurity solutions for small businesses.

Beyond her professional success, Yvonne is a devoted wife and mother to five children, skillfully balancing family life with her demanding career.
Her commitment to diversity in cybersecurity shines through her role as Deputy Executive Director of RaicesCyber and in her volunteer work.
Known for her passion in educating about cybersecurity, Yvonne's story is an inspiring blend of leadership, dedication, and the pursuit of a safer digital world.


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