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Berin Terzic

Berin Terzic

Global HR Services M&A Lead, Siemens

Berin Terzic serves as the Global M&A Lead at unit of Siemens. With over 6 years at Siemens, he has showcased exemplary leadership in strategic formulation, innovation, and business-case evaluations. Notably, he has held pivotal roles in establishing global transition services and led significant business development initiatives, consistently contributing to the company's revenue growth. His in-depth expertise is particularly evident in the realms of M&A, Business Development, and Customer Relationship Management.

A multilingual professional, Berin is also a MBDA candidate at the prestigious Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. A passionate entrepreneur, he is the co-founder of a Florida based startup which reflects his forward-thinking approach to today's evolving corporate landscape.

Connect with Berin for transformative thought, being critical of the status quo and implementing practical strategies.


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