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Workplace Inclusion: How to combat the Great Resignation

September 20, 2023
Theatre 5 LA

The Great Resignation has taken everyone by surprise, especially since it’s not about salary.  According to MIT Sloan in 2022, employees report that toxic workplace culture is the number one reason to leave their current company. It was 10x more statistically significant than desiring a higher wage! 


While more and more evidence shows that a diverse workforce has massive business benefits, the pressure to hide, shrink, or contort ourselves to assimilate is a painful experience for people who do not fit into the majority culture. Toxic cultures assume that this systemic pain is normal.   

HR has likely done what they can to address it, but culture is a system, not easily changed by executive mandate.


During this inspiring and empowering session, learn how to identify what aspects of your workplace culture need detox and how to intentionally create a workplace culture of belonging.  Let's get to work!

Candice Heidebrecht, Founder & CEO - Cultivate Empathy

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