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How to use public relations (PR) to build your personal brand

September 20, 2023
Theatre 7 LA

It’s not your business. It’s you. The sun is setting on the idea that individuals make decisions based on business branding alone. People want conscience. They want heart. They want humanity. That’s why we’re seeing trends shift more starkly to business owners and key personnel branding … themselves. 

The really cool thing is: you can do it too.

Find out how at a fascinating, and fun, presentation on the personal branding phenomenon — what it is, the similarities and differences between personal and business branding, and the ins and outs of being a thought leader or micro influencer. You’ll also get tips on choosing a topic, channel selection, pitching yourself and your ideas, and media relations dos and don’ts. 

So … Are you ready for a crash course in how to be the next great influencer? Then sign up today. And remember, you’re not an attendee. You’re a personal brand in the making. 

See you there!

Alexis Quintal, CEO & Owner - Rosarium PR & Marketing Collective

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