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SMB Cybersecurity Health Check

September 21, 2023
Theatre 7 LA

During this seminar, our team of experts will provide valuable insights into the current cybersecurity landscape, specifically tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours. We will discuss the latest trends in cyber threats, potential vulnerabilities that SMBs face, and most importantly, how to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.


1. Introduction to SMB Cybersecurity: Understanding the unique challenges and risks faced by SMBs in today's digital landscape.

2. Common Cyber Threats: An overview of the most prevalent cyber threats targeting SMBs, including phishing attacks, ransomware, and data breaches.

3. Assessing Your Cybersecurity Health: A step-by-step guide to conducting a comprehensive cybersecurity health check for your business, identifying potential vulnerabilities, and prioritizing areas for improvement.

4. Best Practices for SMB Cybersecurity: Practical strategies and proactive measures to protect your business, including employee training, implementing robust security measures, and establishing incident response protocols.

5. Q&A Session: An opportunity to address any specific concerns or questions you may have regarding SMB cybersecurity.

We believe that this seminar will provide valuable insights and practical guidance to enhance your business's cybersecurity posture. By attending, you will gain a better understanding of the threats facing SMBs today and how to effectively mitigate them.


Anthony Dumas, CISO - CyberElite

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