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Silently Suffering versus Quietly Quitting

September 21, 2023
Theatre 7 LA

Every day, members of our community tell us the worrying, relatable thoughts they struggle with - work stress, family health, or relationship difficulties are just some of the many
constant issues around us. These worrying thoughts can increase anxiety or become a roadblock to daily life, causing increased anxiety. What does having anxiety even mean?
Sure, people worry. But worry can't make you sick, can it? Worrying is not the same thing as anxiety. Worry is transient and temporary, while anxiety is much more permeable. Anxiety is an unstable current running beneath every aspect of your life. Sometimes the current is calm, almost like a millpond. Other times, the current is a mad, raging river, thrusting you headlong toward a waterfall. Many of us are not equipped to handle this unexpected change in behavior and are told by family, friends, and often professionals, that they have a mental health condition. It can be hard to understand what is going on, easy to get bad advice, or read incorrect information. Could it be we are a generation with increasing mental health issues being raised by a generation who do not know enough about what a mental health illness actually is?

There are many misconceptions surrounding mental health illnesses that it is no wonder that they so often go undiagnosed. Mental health illness does not correspond to a person's
age, ethnicity, or income level. Many people are biased when it comes to mental health, viewing those with mental health issues as outsiders, and in some cases, interpreting mental health illness because of deficient character. For these reasons, we are often reluctant to seek help for mental illness. The stigma surrounding mental health has persisted for centuries. Seeking treatment often implies a weakness, exposing ourselves to misconceptions and prejudice. Instead, too many people make a worse choice - to ignore the signs of worry and anxiety until they become severe. Employers can access the Framework for Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being, launched by the US Surgeon General, and deploy the program’s tools within their own organizations. We provide attendees with the expertise and know-how to be successful at identifying and improving employee well-being, while at work and beyond.

Clifford Watkin, Founder & Chief People Officer - Circle Strategies, Inc.

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