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Privacy by Design: Bringing technology to the EU / UK marketplace

20 Sep 2023
Theatre 5 LA

EU and UK data protection can be a complex discipline to navigate and now UK data protection legislation has started its journey to move away from GDPR into something more ‘home grown’. US companies will want to keep their fingers on the pulse to ensure that the customer’s first impression one of a forward thinking and informed supplier.

Privacy by design is a key element of these regulatory landscapes. This session explores the ways that developers and business leaders can showcase their products as compliant and conscientious. We will draw on our experience working with US technology developers and their journeys into these markets.

The seminar will explore drafting policies and protocols, transparency and lawful consent, international transfers and hosting data in the US, artificial intelligence and machine learning, information rights and contractual arrangements.

A great bite-sized introduction to get you thinking as you plan first steps into these potential markets.


Emma Kitcher, Managing Director - Kafico Ltd

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