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Minimum Viable Branding: Building powerful brands on a startup budget

21 Sep 2023
Theatre 4 LA

In today's competitive business landscape, investors are no longer solely interested in product-focused companies; they actively seek meaningful brands that can capture the hearts and minds of customers. Yet founders consistently struggle with understanding when and how to invest in brand design.


During our session, we’ll delve into the common challenges that startup teams encounter when incorporating design into their business strategies. We’ll explore the reasons behind this tendency, such as the perceived emphasis on tangible product outcomes and financial barriers. By understanding these challenges, we can begin to address them head-on and redefine the role of branding in a startup’s journey.


We’ll emphasize the importance of cultivating an effective brand and the substantial long-term value it can bring to a startup’s growth. Branding is more than a logo; it encompasses the essence of a company's identity, values, and purpose. An authentic and well-crafted brand has the potential to forge deep connections with target audiences, differentiate businesses from competitors, and foster customer loyalty.


By the end of our session, you’ll have a renewed perspective on branding’s significance, the crucial role it plays in investor relationships, and how to build it efficiently and purposefully.

Matty Brownell, Founder - ONTO Branding

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