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Extraordinary CEO: How to Double Your Business & Thrive

September 20, 2023
Theatre 3 LA
Everyone wants more sales. What if you could double your YOY sales, have more fun, work exclusively with dream clients, have a dream team support you, make a positive impact in your community, and have more freedom? Most people think it’s not possible to have it all. But it is! Let me show you the simple actions you can take today that change your business from surviving to thriving.  I’ll share 5 key steps in my Have It All Method™ that I share with my private coaching clients that have produced those results for them. It’s not about doing more work, it’s about doing the work that will move your specific business forward and into more alignment with you.
Kara Duffy, Founder, CEO, Business Coach & Consultant, Podcast Host - Powerful Ladies LLC + Kara Duffy Coaching & Consulting

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