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Disrupting the Noise: Mastering "Zoning-In" and "Zoning-Out" Listening

20 Sep 2023
Theatre 7 LA

Yes, the daily grind can make us tone-deaf to what truly matters – people, causing attrition and lost productivity. Today's leaders prioritize forming meaningful relationships for improved results.

Join Paula White as she explores the four listening zones; how zoning in and zoning out will lead to greater productivity and enhance leadership skills.

  • Background: This is when we're focused on something specific and not really paying attention to people or the background noises. 
  • Reflect: Think of it as listening with nostalgia.  Connecting with people and intending to listen, but we might be in problem-solving mode or reflecting on our experiences related to the topic. 
  •  Active: Active listening is the distinction between hearing and listening. 
  • Unexpected: This is the best form of listening, with high intention and connection. 

This thought-provoking session will leave you with clarity about building stronger connections with peers and teams, increasing trust, productivity, and positive outcomes.


Paula S. White, CEO & Founder - Paula S. White

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