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Cybersecurity: How the Heck Did I Get Here?

September 21, 2023
Theatre 3 LA

I will be incorporating my 15+ years of combined LIFE experience in teaching elementary school, changing careers, recruiting, learning the world of cybersecurity, and helping people navigate for years before ultimately joining a cybersecurity consulting and training firm with a true focus on growth.  


Above all else, I love helping people.  Cybersecurity has become a piggy bank for so many companies out there, and I spent the last 6+ years researching and advising on the more effective, cost-efficient ways of going deeper into the industry.  This seminar should ultimately feel like it was cut far too short by the time it is done, and I want people to have questions they can feel comfortable asking.  There will be laughing.  I will be calling on some people.  I won’t be trying to sell anything my company offers, but rather explaining why it made so much sense for me to come to a place like this based on all my experience and what matters to me most.  Hopefully you will leave with some new perspective, as well as a broader understanding of the great world of cybersecurity and how it factors into your current and future life on a daily basis.

Joe Hudson, Director of Growth - TCM Security

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