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Crescentia Global Talent Solutions

20 Sep 2023
Theatre 7 LA

The pandemic, job losses, the Great Resignation, rising inflation, and the dramatic increase in the cost of living has caused an explosion in information about side gigs and the gig economy. However, 99 percent of that information focuses on what side gigs to do and how to do them. There is almost nothing about how to integrate that side job into your current personal and work life to avoid burnout, legal or tax trouble, or a thousand other obstacles, so that it is not just a side gig, but a powerful tool to help achieve your financial and career goals.


Regardless of what kind of second job you take on, this presentation will guide you through the process of minimizing mistakes and maximizing your performance in both jobs, so that, while there are risks, you will be aware of them, be able to plan for them, and overcome them. This presentation will help ensure that your second-job journey is a productive and successful one.

Bruce Decaster, President & CEO - Crescentia Global Talent Solutions

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