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Artificial Intelligence: Creating your own Sci-fi story.

September 21, 2023
Theatre 3 LA

Today, we stand on the cusp of an extraordinary era where the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence are limitless, and its potential to revolutionize our economy and society is unparalleled. Looking back, we marvel at the increased productivity AI has already gifted us and the remarkable tools it has introduced to enhance healthcare and drive scientific exploration. However, we know that for AI to reach its full potential, it requires support and open discussions among all stakeholders.

Let us acknowledge that the very essence of progress lies in embracing the challenges and complexities of transformative technologies. While the current ethical, social, and economic debates might occasionally stir fear,
they are also the fuel that ignites innovation and drives us forward. We may have observed some hesitation in the past. A Gartner survey in 2019 serves as a reminder of the
resistance. Over half of AI projects at the time were in the pilot or proof-of-concept stage. Though only 24% reached full-scale production, we find an excellent indication that we need new strategies to address the anxiety of adopting forward-looking technologies.

Centuries of science fiction have shaped our perception of AI, casting it as the antagonist in a grand narrative where humanity stands at the forefront. Yet, let us recognize the underlying truth of these tales - they reflect our aspirations, our fears, and the questions we seek to answer. Today, as we stand at the threshold of the future, we can rewrite this narrative and drive positive change.

This talk serves to spark our imaginations to envision a future without limitations. Together, we shall identify and overcome the common obstacles to implementing AI, empowering us to make strategic choices that align with our organizational values. By embracing this fresh perspective, you will be better equipped to engage with stakeholders, foster collaboration, and identify the most promising AI projects to drive your organization toward success.

Gerald O'connell, Executive Director - Conaill Advisory

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