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Strategic Imperative: Upskilling for Small Businesses' Competitive Scalability

06 Mar 2024
Theatre 4 MI

Are you a Small Business Owner or decision maker in the US looking to scale your business while retaining and upskilling your valuable talent? Don't miss out on our upcoming seminar that will revolutionize the way you operate!

Join us for an eye-opening session where we unveil the game-changing strategies that can skyrocket your retention rates by a remarkable 34% and supercharge engagement rates by an impressive 15%. The best part? You can achieve all of this without constantly increasing your payroll expenses.

🌟 Discover the Hidden Power of Professional Development 🌟

According to Deloitte's 2022 Gen Z and Millennial survey, one key strategy stands out to attract and retain top talent – "increased learning and development opportunities." That's the secret ingredient to becoming an irresistible employer!

In this enlightening session, you'll gain insights into:

-       Leveling the playing field with corporate giants when recruiting talent.

-       Upskilling and cross-training your team with minimal effort.

-       Accessing valuable resources for streamlining onboarding and training within your organization.

-       Understanding why investing in your people is the most rewarding investment for your organization's success.

Elevate Talent. Improve Culture. Maximize Results.

Lynne McNamee, President - Lone Armadillo Learning

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