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Entrepreneurial Harmony: Balancing Life, Work, and Focus in Business

07 Mar 2024
Keynote/Theatre 1 MI

Step into a transformative journey with Erin Hansen as she shares profound insights in her keynote seminar, "Lessons for Business Owners: Balancing Life and Work for 80/20 Success." As a seasoned entrepreneur, Erin understands the challenges of navigating the intricate balance between personal and professional spheres. In this session, she will unveil the secrets to achieving optimal efficiency by focusing on the critical 20% that yields 80% of business results.


Erin will delve into practical strategies tailored for business owners, offering tangible solutions to streamline workflows and enhance productivity. Learn how to identify and prioritize tasks that truly impact your bottom line, freeing up time for personal fulfillment. Discover mindfulness practices and time-management techniques that empower you to lead a fulfilling life while steering your business towards success.


This seminar is not just about achieving work-life balance; it's about mastering the delicate dance between ambition and well-being. Erin's holistic approach considers the psychological and emotional aspects of entrepreneurship, ensuring that your journey is not only financially rewarding but personally enriching. Join us for an engaging and insightful session that will equip you with the tools to revolutionize your approach to business and life. Erin Hansen's wisdom is your compass on the path to sustainable success.

Erin Hansen, Owner - Aya Sol Center

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