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Putting the Right Strategies in Place for expanding into emerging markets

October 09, 2024
Theatre 4 LA

This seminar will explore some of the main levers and trends that make Emerging Markets attractive for US businesses with global growth ambitions – and how to take advantage of them. It will provide insight into some of the key factors when exploring opportunities across EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Those will include legal and compliance matters, tax, incorporation processes, HR issues, labor/talent acquisition etc., drilling down into each of these topics.

Our agenda will include:

  • Understanding some of the key market levers and trends that are making Emerging Markets attractive for US or any other businesses with global growth ambitions?
  • What the critical factors are that need to be considered when exploring Emerging Market opportunities. Our team will cover essential topics like legal and compliance issues, tax, incorporation processes, HR issues, labor/talent acquisition etc., and drill down into each of those
  • Explain how those can differ across different regions/jurisdictions, with practical examples and comparisons
  • Explain what a best-practice strategy can look like to handle these regional/local market nuances
  • Explain why having the right partners is key to success. The team will explain what the benefits are of outsourcing (including cost and efficiency savings, and the ability to scale more easily etc.), and how different partners can support your international growth strategy 
  • Q&As
Hanno De Vriend, Global Head Outsourcing Services & Managing Director - Amicorp Group
Vivek Anand, Managing Director and Head Globalization Services - Amicorp Group

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