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Optimizing Offshore Deployment for Remote Staffing Success

October 09, 2024
Theatre 3 LA
Join us for an insightful seminar led by Rob Brough, CEO of Agility Staffing Services, as he shares his remarkable journey and expertise in offshoring remote staff for back-office roles. Rob's offshoring journey began in 2012, when challenged with high turnover rates in his accounting team and having difficulty recruiting a skilled web development team for his LA-based national healthcare business. He successfully built out a team of five accountants working under his LA based Controller and built a web development team from scratch in an office he set up in Manila. That offshoring success lead to even bigger things. In 2013, Rob's business faced a severe blow due to Medicare competitive bidding, resulting in a 47% decrease in revenue. With a 17% EBITDA margin, he needed to significantly reduce labor costs while maintaining productivity and service quality in order to survive. Over 18 months, Rob transferred 80% of his back office roles to the Philippines, saving $6 million annually in labor costs and preserving the business. Now, as a provider of staff leasing services, Rob helps clients achieve similar success. This seminar is ideal for anyone struggling to find great talent to sustain or grow their business, or those looking to enhance their margins through labor wage arbitrage by offshoring. While many businesses fail at offshoring, Rob's approach ensures immediate success. Learn from his experience and discover how he can guide you in making a seamless transition. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your workforce and boost your business.
Robert Brough, founder & CEO - Agility Staffing Services LLC

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