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How to optimize your ecommerce site for Black Friday

October 10, 2024
Theatre 4 LA

This session discusses simple hygiene tasks you can do to make sure that your online store is in peak performance and ready for big sales, especially around the holidays. These are things that you can do anytime — you don't have to wait for the holidays to do it, but doing it ahead of Black Friday will ensure that you're avoiding any unpleasant surprises that can cost you during your busy season.

A four-week countdown to Black Friday starts at Halloween, and that period gives you the essential time needed to assess and prepare a number of critical components related to your online store’s performance. It will also give you time to prepare the promotions you want to offer for the holiday season.

Watch this session for a checklist on getting your online store ready for your biggest sales of the year.

Tiffany Bridge, Product Manager - Liquid Web

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