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Leveraging the power of video & storytelling into your marketing strategy

October 10, 2024
Theatre 6 LA

Knowing how to reach new customers in todays market can seem overwhelming. There are countless ways in which people people will try to get you spend your marketing budget. In the end you need something that drives results and helps you grow. 


Our brains are wired to understand stories, it’s how people have communicated important events and principles since the beginning. Understanding how to create and craft authentic stories for your marketing purposes is best way get your message to cut though all the other marketing noise and deliver it to your ideal customer. Video matched with the power of storytelling is the most powerful marketing tool we have available today in order to reach our targeted audience and grow our businesses. 


In order to that you need to understand the basics of Storytelling and content creation. Brandon Flint has spend the last 20 years understanding how to craft impactful images, video content, and marketing for businesses. 


You will learn an overarching strategy on how to set a marketing goal, identify your ideal audience persona,  how to leverage storytelling + video in each stage of the buyers journey to build awareness, consideration, and decision stage content and finally how to implement and track it all to make sure you are hitting your goal. 

Brandon Flint, Founder & Creative Director - Story Directive

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