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Generative AI Demystified: Practical Quick Wins for Small Businesses

October 10, 2024
Theatre 3 LA

Generative AI Demystified


• Setting the Stage: We’ll kick off by demystifying generative AI. What is it? How does it differ from other AI techniques? No technical jargon—just a clear understanding.

• Why Generative AI Matters: We’ll discuss why generative AI is a game-changer for businesses, regardless of their technical expertise.


Quick Win 1: Content Creation 

• Automating Creativity: Learn how generative AI can compose text, generate product descriptions, and even craft engaging social media posts.

• Hands-On Demo: We’ll showcase a simple content generation tool, so you can see it in action.


Quick Win 2: Personalization 

• Tailoring Experiences: Discover how generative AI can personalize customer interactions. From email subject lines to product recommendations, we’ll explore the art of customization.

• Case Study: We’ll dive into a real-world example of a small business using generative AI to enhance customer engagement.


Quick Win 3: Process Optimization

• Streamlining Workflows: Explore how generative AI can optimize repetitive tasks. Think automated report summaries, data cleaning, and more.

• Practical Tips: We’ll share actionable steps to integrate generative AI into your existing processes.


Q&A and Next Steps

• Your Curiosity, Our Answers: Bring your questions! We’ll address queries, share additional resources, and guide you toward implementing generative AI.

• Actionable Takeaways: You’ll leave with practical steps to apply generative AI in your business immediately.

Gerard Beaubrun, Digital Solutions Architect, Generative AI Strategist - Architects of the Cloud

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