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Digital Identity - Choices Options and the Power of Domains

October 09, 2024
Theatre 4 LA

Domain name are a constantly changing space. We cover what is a domain name, what makes a good domain names, and what are the choices to acquire and use domain names and Digital Identities.  Domain name are gaining new and revisiting old uses search engines and social media companies try to own your name, brand and customers.

Your domain name is a chance to own and control  your brand presence. But with 300,000,000 domain names registered what are the options for business owners and brands.

Page cover the variety of tlds, and how to pick a good domain names and what values and prices you should expect to pay for already taken domain names.

Lastly Page will cover how a local presence domain name can help connect you with local customers in Los Angeles.

Page Howe, Chief Evangelist - .LA Domain Names

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