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Developing a “Peak Performance Lifestyle”: Calling all High Performers & Elite Achievers

October 10, 2024
Theatre 4 LA

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, individuals are seeking new strategies to “get ahead”.

The personal branding phenomenon on social media has become invaluable for many leaders and entrepreneurs, but have you noticed the major shift happening in social content? We are turning away from the flashy, high production content in search of real people, living real life, and being transparent about wins and challenges, so we can gain real value via our shared humanity. People are seeking connection. Take Away: JD will share a strategy you can implement, today; to connect with others and add value in every interaction and relationship you have IRL (in real life). His “personal branding” strategy will give you the competitive advantage you need to have a greater impact in your workplace.

High performers and elite achievers often work long hours leading to challenges in their personal lives.

Is work/life balance possible? Take Away: You’ll learn the similarities and differences between high performers, elite achievers, and peak performers and JD’s 3 keys to winning in both your professional and personal pursuits. He’ll also share his secret to sustaining a Peak Performance Lifestyle.

JD’s practical and engaging talk will leave you with memorable value typically expected from an all-day mastermind experience. You will leave with actionable steps that will accelerate your success in any industry or workplace regardless of your formal title or professional experience.

Are you a Corporate Executive, Professional, Business Owner, or Entrepreneur? This talk is for you if you want to have a greater impact on the success of your enterprise from the inside out. Come and be blessed by JD’s 20 years of Executive Coaching and Strategy Consulting experience as he shares insights about time management, being a presence driven leader, and adding tangible, memorable value both professionally and personally.

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