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Supply Chain Partners

Supply Chain Partners is a multi-award winning global business and supply chain marketplace and professional community.

Business and Supply Chain Practitioners and Executives build Industry Ecosystems using our valued Expert Members to improve and transform all Digital, Physical, People and Process aspects of their businesses and supply chains.

Through our educational approach, we help you navigate this complex world of business and supply chain by providing access to experts, resources, podcasts, education, events and networking to accelerate your business, supply chain and professional goals.

Explore or showcase innovative business and supply chain solutions and resources, advance or share your expertise, network with members, and build lasting relationships.
We extensively promote our valued Expert Members and their innovative solutions and leadership to our rapidly growing global audience, and help them educate about better ways to operate, improve and grow businesses and supply chains.

We are a Global Professional Community Navigating Complexity Together.

We welcome you to join us today. Explore our membership options including free plans:

 - Expert Members promote and educate.

- Masterclass Members transform and grow.

- Individual Members explore and learn.

- Event Members promote industry events.

We Aspire Excellence & Growth.

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