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Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce seeks to grow, improve and protect the Greater Miami business community by advocating, educating and convening.  Our members drive a business agenda at federal, state and local levels.  As the champion for the Greater Miami Business Community, we are dedicated to building the best environment for business in the Americas and committed to improving the economic vitality of South Florida. Our programming and advocacy efforts are focused on four main priority areas:  Education & Workforce Development, Resilience, Transportation & Workforce Housing.

Services include: 1) educating members and the community on key economic/community issues affecting South Florida; 2) advocating for the business community and supporting key legislative initiatives; 3) providing leadership development opportunities; 4) connecting businesses in distress to community resources aimed at preventing layoffs and encouraging economic growth; and 4) providing health care insurance to small businesses.

Our signature health insurance program through the Greater Health Trust has saved some of our employer members 20%, 30% and on occasion 50% in health plan costs. Employers can switch to our health plan any month of the year…go to to learn more.

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