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Good Girl Mafia

Introducing Diana Perkovic, the visionary founder of leading empowerment brand Good Girl Mafia, producer of the transformative E2 Ecosystem Event & creator of the evolutionary Empowerment Coaching Container, Empowered. With a calling to empower women with a 360° approach, she has crafted these extraordinary & fully immersive empowerment experiences where women change their lives. Through her renowned company, Good Girl Mafia, Diana is revolutionizing the landscape of empowerment with her singular & unique approach. The hyper-masculine empowerment era is over. Diana knows that real empowerment is like a fingerprint. Every woman’s definition of empowerment is different. Diana’s mission is clear: to nurture empowered women, & cultivate a stronger culture of female support and unity, one woman at a time. So, what’s your definition of empowerment? What does a truly empowered life look like and feel like to you? Diana will help you break through the barriers that are in the way, teach you empowerment skills to make it a reality and you can be living the most empowered version of your life. You can have that life. Believing that and taking the steps to create it is the first empowered step to make it a reality.

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