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Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce

The Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce was created in 1987. The Chamber is the best advocacy organization for businesses in and between The United States and Argentina. We are equally committed to promoting and increasing the reach of the Argentine business community in The United States. We work to promote a healthy and vibrant economy while promoting and advancing the interests of our members.

The AACC works in conjunction with citizens, businesses, educational and governmental partners to provide a positive business environment.

The many initiatives of the Argentine-American Chamber of Commerce include:

  • Develop contacts with businesses and financial organizations, entities, associations in both Argentina and The United States, in order to facilitate business and commercial relations;
  • Develop communication, information and learning activities through the use of magazines, bulletins, business newsletters, contacts, catalogues, specialized databases, conventions, seminars, advertising in various media, Internet Web sites, etc.
  • First assistance center for Argentinean businesspeople traveling to The United States and to American businesspeople seeking opportunities in Argentina;
  • Provide assistance and business contacts to companies in order to promote the development of business and commercial activities;
  • To share information about opportunities for cooperation among companies, as well as investments abroad for Argentinean companies and in Argentina for foreign companies;
  • Offer specific assistance to groups traveling on business;
  • Take all other steps that might be conducive to achieving our goals.

The Chamber hosts and supports a variety of events, creating an opportunity for business leaders to connect and strengthen relationships. Additionally, with its committees, the Chamber offers an array of opportunities. Whether your interests include independent business development, travel & tourism, advocacy, international affairs, etc., a business leader can find a niche at the AACC.

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