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Alttr Photography

As the premier provider of HIGH FASHION Wedding, Conference/Expo, and Portraiture services, Alttr Photography takes pride in offering a diverse range of services to make your special moments truly unforgettable. Operating from our base in Atlanta, Georgia, we extend our services anywhere, both domestically and internationally, with over a decade of experience covering regions across the US, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

What sets your partnership with Alttr Photography apart?

Our commitment to delivering a product that not only captures moments but mirrors your personality, character, mission, and essence. We believe in making you stand out rather than blending in with the crowd. While other companies may present photos and videos resembling a myriad of clients in their portfolio, we strive to provide a unique and personalized touch to each project.

Why choose Alttr Photography?

Experience Across Cultures: With expertise gained from working with diverse cultures, traditions, religions, orientations, and creeds, we handle any situation with finesse.

Complete Package: Our team of experts specializes in Event Planning, Photography, Videography, and Hair & Makeup. We offer you a comprehensive package for a seamless, stunning encounter.

Budget-Friendly Excellence: Balancing affordability with top-notch customer service, we take pride in delivering the finest experience and results possible.

Meet the Team:

Andrae B. Ricketts: Lead Shooter
James Hyppolyte: Second Shooter
Lysbeth Ricketts: Event Planner/Manager
Shawanna Anderson: Hair & Makeup
Look no further for your personal or corporate media needs. At Alttr Photography, we are dedicated to altering your world, one photograph at a time.

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