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Tina Lee

Tina Lee

Co-CEO, Balance LLC
United States

Tina Lee, a Co-founder at Balance Accounting, brings over two decades of financial expertise to her roles.
Previously, as a Managing Director of Tax at Morris+D’Angelo and Director of US Tax at PwC, Tina showcased proficiency in corporate
and partnership taxation, and international financial reporting standards (IFRS). Beyond her impressive career at Deloitte,
Ernst & Young, AMEC, and Nortel Networks, Tina's commitment to excellence continues as she spearheads innovative solutions.

As a Co-founder at Balance Accounting, Tina's strategic contributions extend into revolutionizing financial practices.
Her dedication is evident as she champions small business financial success, offering tailored solutions to empower
businesses in navigating the complexities of tax and accounting with confidence and efficiency.
Tina's co-founding role exemplifies her commitment to providing businesses with cutting-edge financial solutions,
positioning Balance Accounting as a catalyst for financial growth and success.


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