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Sean Gigremosa

Sean Gigremosa

Founder and CEO, Claritiv.AI

Sean Gigremosa, a distinguished product leader, boasts a 25-year career blending product development and management. Beginning his journey in web development, he naturally transitioned into the more complex world of product management. Along the way, Sean's contributions have been felt in both nimble start-ups and major industry players, like NRG Energy and Rolls-Royce. His passion for global cultures and their culinary delights further enriches his diverse experience.


Sean's leadership style revolves around three core principles: team unity, empowerment, and a commitment to quality. Understanding the obstacles that product teams often face, Sean has always been determined to help them thrive. This dedication led him to create Claritiv. Powered by AI, Claritiv offers clearer user understanding, smarter feature choices, quicker product launches, and top-notch product quality. At its heart, Claritiv's mission is to grant product teams the clarity they need, elevating their productivity to new heights.


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