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Nima Schei

Nima Schei

Hummingbirds AI

My whole life is around understanding nature, leveraging my findings to become more conscious and use my consciousness to create a positive impact in the world, primarily for the benefit of animals and secondary for humans.

That vision has led me to go deep into science and technology in a multi-disciplinary way (AI, medicine, neuroscience) to be able to understand our intelligence. From what I have learned I've created some amazing AI models including a subsidiary of brain-inspired AI, called BEL (Brain Emotional Learning), which is the first generation of emotion-based decision makers that mimic human decision-making by combining emotion, logic, and intuition. BEL has now over 400 industrial and commercial use cases from finance to washing machines to drones. At Rutgers, I researched dynamical neuronal networks and developed their computational models for three years.

I've been fascinated with the genius of Thomas Edison in creating the infrastructure to scale innovation through Menlo Park Labs, so I created BEL Research to accelerate developing impact AI and bring them to industry. Some examples of the projects we did at BEL Research were AI models for the detection of pre-alzheimers through MRI, computer vision models for deepfake detection, and the use of AI for predictive maintenance of power electronics components (PERA AI).

And finally, I'm passionate about creating sustainable and scalable companies. My jewel is Hummingbirds AI, a company that leverages AI to create the future of human-machine interactions. My role as the Chief Guacamole Maker is to bring Guacamole to every computer on the plant: Every computer has chips, so it's time for Guacamole! The company's first product, GuacamoleID, eliminates the need for repetitive passwords for access to computers and saves employees 50 hours per year.


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