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Liana Zavo

Liana Zavo

Founder & Member of Forbes Business Council, Forbes Business Council / ZavoMedia PR Group
United States
Liana Zavo is an expert, PR media mogul, author, impact speaker and the founder of ZavoMedia PR Group, a global public relations firm. Liana Zavo's strong suit is digital storytelling and personal brand development. As a PR maven and expert, Zavo helps establish professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, and social impact brands as authorities in their niche. As a business influencer and branding expert, Zavo develops a strong and consistent online brand reputation and personal brand that gains customers' trust. By controlling the narrative online, Liana knows exactly how to position her clients as the authority. Zavo's talented team helps achieve clients' compelling press campaigns, and brand and content strategies to create strong brand awareness. By creating social media presence with the right amount of editorial content, interviews, and podcast placement we attract the necessary target market and close more deals.

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