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Laura Kaye Chamberlain

Laura Kaye Chamberlain


Laura Kaye is the Co-founder of Find AI Pros, the online platform that connects ambitious businesses with vetted AI professionals. After saving small businesses 350+ hours through Generative AI and automation in 2023, she felt called to further expand access to this life-changing technology.

A lifelong community builder, Laura Kaye decided not to take on more business herself – but rather, to share it with a growing network of AI Pros.

Laura Kaye has been invited to present on intentional AI adoption for cutting-edge outlets including #SheLeadsAI, The AI Learner Lounge, the ikigAI Growth Tribe, plus more. With a creative production background and a curious mind, Laura Kaye brings a fresh perspective on what it means to live, work, and create with AI.

After work, you’ll find her exploring the Albanian mountains, playing with her puppy Mizu, or personally researching just exactly what’s at the bottom of a jar of Nutella.


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