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Kasha Stewart

Kasha Stewart

Director of Growth, Engagement , Adobe Express

Kasha Stewart is the Director of Growth, Engagement for Adobe Express. Kasha is a change catalyst that leads a diverse team of product managers while driving the PLG strategy for Engagement and Growth. With over a decade of leadership roles, Kasha provided strategic growth guidance for Disney's Movies Anywhere, Beachbody on Demand, and FOX.com. A former visual artist, Kasha brings her unique POV and eye for design and content, from taking mobile and OTT platforms to the next level of first-class user experience to bringing her fashionista vibes to tech. A proud Howard University alumnus, Kasha is dedicated to mentoring product managers and advocating for increased representation of Black & African-American and women in tech. Her passion for yoga, travel, vegan tacos, and nail art trends is a testament to her vibrant and creative personality.


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