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Kaila Cherie

Kaila Cherie

CEO | Founder | Venture Visionary | Speaker, Blueprint University

Kaila is a multi-entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, Venture Visionary and Keynote Speaker.

With experience in business of almost a decade, she has founded and built 7 multi-6 and 7-figure businesses for herself, and helped other entrepreneurs grow over 50 successful businesses.

She went from bankruptcy at only 21 to making 200+ sales/month in just 8 months, expanding to multiple locations and managing a team of 75+ people.

Right now, she runs 5 different businesses, and founded The Blueprint University, a network hub that bridges the gap between Fortune 500 Businesses and small businesses. The Blueprint supports them with launching, growing, scaling and accessing funds, so that they can build and expand their business vision, and turn it into reality with much more confidence and ease.


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