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Joh “Joe” Olson

Joh “Joe” Olson

Advisor, VASL

Mr. Joh Olson connects, engages, and serves proven leaders like you. After nearly twenty years of leadership in academic healthcare systems (UCLA, UC Davis, Stanford) and venture capital (Mighty Capital, Alix VC, others), he transitioned to grow the portfolio of successful businesses he and his wife own; from e-commerce and hospitality to residential and commercial real estate.

Joh is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and value creator with a track record of working with proven leaders to optimize exceptional teams for success. Starting successful businesses, developing leaders, and building trusting and highly reliable teams are his "dream jobs."

Joh is passionate about communication, building trust, enhancing calm, and "decomplexifying" situations. He is a lifelong student of business systems, servant leadership, and personal development.


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