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Hanno De Vriend

Hanno De Vriend

Global Head Outsourcing Services & Managing Director, Amicorp Group

Hanno de Vriend has set-up business outsourcing hubs in various countries and helped clients across multiple sectors to reduce costs and increase their efficiency.

He works out of Amicorp´s Group office in Spain and is Managing Director of Amicorp Business Process Outsourcing Services BV in the Netherlands.

Prior to joining Amicorp, Hanno worked for a global trust and fund services company, an insurance company and a provider of logistic, shipping and tank storage services. For these roles, he has lived in the Netherlands, Germany, Curacao and in the US.

His focus is now on promoting and implementing globalization services, like global entity set-up, finance and accounting, tax and regulatory compliances, legal, HR, payroll and other related services.

He is committed to supporting new clients, finding strong partners to grow our core business as well establishing alliances in the field of outsourcing.


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