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Frank Royal

Frank Royal

Chief Executive Officer, Center Source

Frank Royal, with 30 years of experience in the customer experience and service industry, has left an indelible mark.
He’s adept at building world-class organizations across various developmental stages. Frank’s leadership extends across
multi-site operations in countries like the US, Panama, Colombia, Georgia, Malta, the Philippines,
Jamaica, India, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Canada.

His journey began as a customer service agent at AT&T, and he swiftly ascended the ranks at
companies like Convergys and ICT/Sykes. Currently serving as the CEO of Center Source, Frank’s client roster reads like a
Fortune 500 who’s who, spanning utilities, finance, retail, insurance, healthcare, cable, gaming, and telecommunications.

With a passion for people, Frank has spent two decades honing processes, training, productivity, performance, and quality.
His unwavering belief: the heart of every company lies with its customers and its people.


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