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Allen J. Martello

Allen J. Martello

Vice President, Business Development, Business Optimization Group, LLC
United States

Allen Martello is the Vice President of Business Development, overseeing sales, service, and marketing
operations for Business Optimization Group and its portfolio of companies.

A former Chamber of Commerce executive and small business owner, Allen has been working in sales and development for nearly 15 years, and has an incredible passion for developing sales teams, processes, and valuable partnerships. Allen is a self-proclaimed obsessive networker. 

With a background in marketing, technology, and partnerships, Allen brings immense experience in helping start ups, small businesses and nonprofits grow to scale. He has experience working with organizations like Grand Canyon University, Shell Oil Company, and the Jimmy Stewart Foundation. 

Allen is a member of the National Diversity Council, as well as a former YMCA board member, BNI President, and founder of the Laurel Highland Foundation. Allen also served as an advisory board member for his County’s Community College and Career & Technology Center.


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