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Write for Results

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Write for Results

Published author, writing skills trainer and bid consultant who's solved the riddle of how to write well and wants to share that with at least 1m people by Xmas 2022. 

Ex-EY and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Scott has run his own business since 2004. In that time he's trained over 5000 business professionals (lawyers, accountants, engineeers, consultants) in his 15 rhetorica® persuasive writing techniques. Clients include The Economist Group, three 'magic circle' law firms and two barristers chambers. 

Scott's 15 rhetorica® writing techniques are so simple and universally applicable to almost any type of writing that he's astounded they're not taught in primary school. 

In fact, Scott is working to get them added to the National Curriculum. 

Numerous studies link the ability to read and write well with higher earning power, greater civic participation, self-confidence, mental health and longevity. 

Writing is a life skill and — at the risk of sounding arrogant (which he's not) — Scott has solved the riddle of how to do it well.


+44 (0) 7715 771325


19 Parkthorne Road
SW12 0JN
United Kingdom
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