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VASL is a full-scale accounting and finance outsourcing firm providing unparalleled services to private businesses. We help businesses with audit preparation and support, M&A support, accounting research, finance effectiveness, and interim outsourcing of crucial finance roles such as bookkeeper, finance assistant, finance controller, and CFO. 

With our progressive outsourcing approach, IFRS and US GAAP-compliant processes, and top-tier global finance and accounting talent, we proudly serve the top 20 firms with seamless services. 

VASL’s foundation was laid years ago as Saman (CEO) began her career in portfolio management, strategic decisions, and financial analysis. This experience proved crucial in refining her strategic outlook and problem-solving skills.

She gradually became interested in guiding businesses through significant changes like mergers and acquisitions and saw the significant challenges they faced during this process.

She quickly became an industry leader, helping streamline business operations in the finance and accounting industry, leading to better results.

Along came VASL – a progressive outsourcing firm dedicated to enhancing financial processes and improving organizational performance. At VASL, we’ve worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between great finance and accounting professionals and businesses needing them.

We’ve grown to become a trusted advisor to many businesses, aiding in their transitions and positively shaping their financial outlook.


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