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Stand: B350

I am an Online Business Manager. I help overworked and overwhelmed business owners free their time, improve client experience and grow their business by creating streamlined and automated systems. I am a System and Process Expert, meaning that I can help with the full tool stack that covers entire business processes.

My passion is creating unique automated processes and seeing the transformation it has on not just the business, but also on the business owner. I do not do a cookie cutter approach, as every business and business owner is different (even if they are in the same industry) and therefore they need something that will help them individually, whether it’s a different approach, process or view.

This means I am able to help clients transform their business from chaos to organised, as well as transforming the business owner's mindset, from having to do everything, to focusing their energy on the things that only they can do, meaning they are working smarter not harder.

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